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The Battle For Truth


The Battle For Truth
Alt-Right faces off against academic and media establishment


Academic fighters (left to right)

Top Row: 
Sam Harris
Augustine Fuentes
Jared Diamond
Christopher Hitchens
Richard Lewontin

Middle Row:
Stephen Jay Gould
Bill Maher
Daniel Dennett
Leon Kamin
Kurt Eichenwald
Margaret Atwood
Julie Payette
David Brock

Bottom Row:
Bill Nye
Stephen Colbert
Jimmy Dore
Mark Zuckerberg
Adam Rutherford
Jonathan Marks
TJ Kirk

Alt-Right fighters (foreground to background)

Jared Taylor
Henrik Palmgren
Peter Brimelow
Nathan Damigo
Mike Enoch

Richard Spencer
Millennial Woes
Jean-Francois Gariépy
Sam Dickson
Lana Lokteff
Tara McCarthy


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