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Fake News Friday – December 7, 2018

Have you ever wanted to know just how fake and gay the fake news media is but you don’t have time to consume hours of tv and online articles every week? If so this new segment might be for you. At Fake News Friday we give you only the prime cuts of fake news, and what’s more we give you the permission to laugh at and mock the absolute state of clown world 2018.

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 4 – Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul did something remarkable in 2008 and 2012 — he lost his campaign for presidency but changed politics as we know it and laid the groundwork for Donald Trump four years later. In this episode I’ll attempt to address how we should view the so-called libertarian to alt-right pipeline, and I’ll show how Dr. Paul stacks up on the nationalist’s report card.

Audio/video clips:

Liberty Report | ‘Foreign Invasion?’ – Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the Honduras caravan approaching US southern border:

Paul and Romney questioned about war powers at 2012 presidential debate:

Paul speaking before former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke:


Relevant sources:

Paul, End The Fed, Grand Central Publishing, 2009, p.6-7

Paul on ongoing censorship:

Paul on the coming financial crash:

Ron Paul Curriculum



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IP121 – Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder | Dr. Michelle Cretella & Blaire White

Anyone with an iota of common sense knows that sex is biological, there are two genders, and transgenderism is a mental illness. Most people are just waiting for permission to admit this. Well, HERE IS YOUR PERMISSION. I’ve mashed together clips of a doctor and a transgendered person who both speak about the dangers of playing God and denying reality — especially when it comes to promoting transgender kids.  Continue reading IP121 – Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder | Dr. Michelle Cretella & Blaire White

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 3 – Tommy Robinson

In this third episode of Nationalist Scorecard we’re taking on Tommy Robinson, whose real name is supposedly Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon. Tommy is an open zionist so we obviously want to be critical, however it’s also important to understand why Tommy is such a polarizing figure in the UK–beloved by the common folk and hated by the corrupt ruling class. Throwing him in jail where he will likely be murdered by some Muslim with an ax to grind is a mistake that the elite will surely come to regret. It’s telling that they felt so threatened by his message that they had no choice but to shut him up for good.

“Oi, mate — you got a loicense for that journalism?”


5:50 – Opposes Open Borders
19:15 – Opposes Cultural Marxism
38:24 – Supports Free Speech
49:26 – Condemned By Elite
58:20 – Pro-White / Pro-Western
1:02:28 – Names You-Know-Who
1:07:00 – Overall Grade


Relevant Articles


Relevant Videos

Piers Morgan Interview –
RT Interview –
Brittany Pettibone Interview –
Dave Rubin Interview –
Justice For Nikki –
Tommy Robinson Oxford Speech –


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Excommunicated For Being Pro-White | James Edwards and Matthew Drake

Below is an interview I had with James Edwards, a pro-white, pro-Christian, pro-Southern radio talk show host of fourteen years. I asked James to come on and talk about the recent attempt by the Southern Baptist Convention — at the behest of the (((SPLC))) — to throw him and his entire local church out of the SBC simply because he dares to speak up for white people. Whether or not you’re religious or Christian, this is a good demonstration of the length our enemies will go to destroy us. Literally nothing is sacred to the children of Satan and the fake Christian-Zionists who are always at their beck and call.

Update: I’ll be appearing on James’ radio program The Political Cesspool on an upcoming broadcast. Find all the links to listen at

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 2 – Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a danger to humanity because he knows exactly the right “pace” to lull gullible whites back to sleep while simultaneously replacing them and destroying their culture. That’s why we see this new class of secular Jews and Jewish-collaborators–coined the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ by the New York Times–rising up to challenge the social justice, victimhood-coalition left that moved from radical fringe to mainstream culture in the short span of Obama’s Presidency.

Whether it’s pushing back against radical jihadist Islamists or advocating for free speech, the actions of Sam and his fellow “classically liberal” skeptics can be summed up in two sweet words: controlled opposition. Trust me, these goons all want the same thing as the Progressive elite, they just want to steer a slightly different path to get there. Sam is smart enough to not talk about race in a way that alienates average middle-class white people. Heck, he’s even willing to speak with Charles Murray who wrote The Bell Curve, as long as his audience understands Murray’s finding should have no impact on public policy or public consciousness in any way. He likes to keep white people busy worrying about automation or determinism or drug-induced spirituality without mentioning the existential crisis facing Westerners at present due to mass immigration and multiculturalism.

People like Sam are the ones to look out for and set your targets (rhetorically) on. I hope the radical left continues to grow and push more whites to our camp, but if I’m right this Democratic base will implode and the skeptics (New Jews, Same As The Old Jews) will assume control over the Democratic Party, just as the alt-right morphs and hopefully gains control over the GOP in time to stop them.

Get ready, this is the Nationalist Scorecard for Sam Harris.


9:21 Open Borders
24:05 Cultural Marxism
35:48 Free Speech
45:55 Condemned By Elite
53:28 Pro-White / Pro-Western
59:08 You-Know-Who
1:03:34 Overall Grade


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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 1 – Stefan Molyneux

I’m starting a new series called Nationalist Scorecard, in which I review popular intellectual figures in the public space. The idea was inspired by AIPAC–if you’re not already familiar, this Jewish lobbying group holds American politicians’ feet to the fire by grading them on their obsequience to the State of Israel. I talk more about my objectives in the intro video to the series found here.

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Ugly Truths About The Organic Food Industry | Mischa Popoff and Matthew Drake

When most people hear the word ‘Organic’, they imagine pesticide-free, locally grown, wholesome fruits and vegetables. This may be how the Organic Food Industry began but it’s a far cry from its former self some two decades ago. Now, 80% of organic food is imported and the rate of food-borne illnesses is TWICE that of conventional (non-organic) foods. On top of that, an estimated 40% of organic food on the shelf tests positive for pesticides.

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Am I Alt-Right?

People who hate the things I talk about want to label me as alt-right, white supremacist, neo-nazi–as if there is no difference between any of those terms. Of course, I don’t actually identify with any of those labels and the haters don’t know the first thing about my position on racial politics.

In this video I explain what the alt-right is and why I don’t go out of my way to call myself by that designation. I also give some unique solutions to the current political predicament facing the West, which you might be surprised to learn involves decentralized identity politics–essentially merging freedom of association with states’ rights. Everybody (except the big government parasites) wins. I’m calling the idea: The United Ethnostates of America.