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Free Speech Is Dead | Fake News Friday – December 21, 2018

Woman Fired Over Anti-BDS Law

The first amendment is going to exist on paper, but in reality it really doesn’t if you’re a white man in America.
– Jazzhands McFeels
I’m going to alter that statement from the illustrious Jazzhands McFeels — “The first amendment doesn’t exist if you’re a gentile in America.” This is Fake News Friday. From Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, ’A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused To Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — so She Lost Her Job’. Bahia Amawi, a children’s speech specialist, is suing the Texas government for infringing on her constitutional right to free speech by requiring that she sign an oath against the boycotting of Israel as a condition of continuing her contract for an Austin-area public school. Her case is being spearheaded by the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who released a statement on the lawsuit: “Speech and advocacy related to the Israel–Palestine conflict is core political speech on a matter of public concern entitled to the highest levels of constitutional protection.”

On twitter, Texas Governor Greg Abbott added the following response: “Texas stands with Israel. Period.” I’m glad Mr. Abbott has made clear that anytime American interests come into conflict with Israeli interests, we know exactly which side he will be taking.

How sad is it that it takes a Palestinian Muslim to come in to this country and stand up for our rights as American citizens? Yeah yeah I know they might call you a nazi white man; get over it. Are you going to let Israel occupy our government the same way they occupy the West Bank and Gaza?

Political commentator and Christian Zionist Bill Whittle makes the argument, that this is not a free speech issue because the government can hire or fire whoever it wants. I for one agree with Bill, it’s not a free speech issue, it’s a tyranny issue! The government code literally says that contractors do not have the right to refuse to do business with Israeli entities. Inso-doing the government is incentivizing, if not compelling, actions from people with the filmsy pretense of intent. How many people would trust our corrupt legal system to accurately assess the intent behind their actions. For instance, if I have been publicly critical of Israel in the past is it required that I use the words “I am boycotting Israel” in order to prove my intent for not buying Kosher hotdogs? How do you know what it going on in my head you reprehensible, authoritarian 1984-style thugs?

Greenwald completely demolishes Bill’s argument in his article:
One common misconception is that the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech only bars the state from imprisoning or otherwise punishing people for speaking, but does not bar the state from conditioning the receipt of discretionary benefits (such as state benefits or jobs) on refraining from expressing particular opinions…Aside from the fact that, with some rare and narrow exceptions, courts have repeatedly held that the government is constitutionally barred under the First Amendment from conditioning government benefits on speech requirements — such as, say, enacting a bill that states that only liberals, or only conservatives, shall be eligible for unemployment benefits — the unconstitutional nature of Texas’s actions toward Bahia Amawi should be self-evident.
Imagine if, instead of being forced by the state to vow never to boycott Israel as a condition for continuing to work as a speech pathologist, Amawi was instead forced to pledge that she would never advocate for LGBT equality or engage in activism in support of or opposition to gun rights or abortion restrictions (by joining the National Rifle Association or Planned Parenthood), or never subscribe to Vox or the Daily Caller, or never participate in a boycott of Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, or Russia due to vehement disagreement with those governments’ policies. The tyrannical free speech denial would be self-evident and, in many of those comparable cases, the trans-ideological uproar would be instantaneous.

You may not like the idea of an LGBT activist being allowed to work in government or draw from its benefits, but if we’re going to have principles we have to apply them in every case—not just the instances that benefit your ideology. Having said that, you could actually make a much sounder case for, say, not allow pedophiles or pedophile advocates, of which there are surely a non-zero number within the LGBT sphere of influence, access to government resources—because that is something that actually serves and protects the American families and communities which the government is supposed to serve. The only reason this double standard exists for this issue is because super-powerful political action committees like AIPAC are able to lean on politicians at the state and federal levels, essentially threatening their reelection chances in order to pass anti-BDS legislation.

You might ask, aren’t we venturing into slippery slope territory? No, we are already there. In July of last year 43 senators (29 Republicans and 14 Democrats) voted on favor of a law called the Israel Anti-Boycott Act that would criminalize the act of intentionally not trading with Israel on the ground of a boycott. Fortunately the ACLU quickly condemned the bill as being in opposition to the spirit of the first amendment, which seemed to halt further support. Unfortunately, Senator Benjamin Cardin, who introduced the bill is making a behind-the-scenes push to slip an anti-BDS law into a last-minute spending bill during the lame duck session. The reality is, if we are not vigilant this legislation will eventually pass. Republicans tend to be more pro-zionist than their Democrat counter-parts which makes me wonder if there might be a downside to the Rs increasing their control over the Senate. When that day comes, will Zionists like Bill Whittle take a stand and say this is a violation against our free-speech? Or will he double down along with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and make further justifications about how Palestine is a terrorist state and sometimes you have to surrender your freedom in order to stand up to the bad guys. That kind of justification is exactly how you become a bad guy, Bill. Except you won’t even be a bad guy with power, just an enabler of tyranny. You’ll have a guilty conscience and nothing to show for it because your puppet masters will kick you to the curb as soon as you are no longer useful.

However, the issue of support for Israel in Congress gets even more complicated as the demographics in America shift. Rashida Tlaib is now the second congress member to explicitly support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement for Palestinians. “I want us to see that segregation and how that has really harmed us being able to achieve real peace in that region,” says the US lawmaker, who like Amawi, has Palestinian roots and was elected by the large Arab population in her Michigan district. Tlaib recently announced that she planned to forgo a trip to Israel, graciously organized by AIPAC for new members of Congress. Going forward one has to wonder how liberal jews will react to the BDS movement and other “antisemitic” sentiments among the growing Muslim population in America who are thirsting for political representation. Will they betray their liberal values and agree with the far-right that Muslim immigration to the West should be restricted? Or will the betray their in-group preference by condemning the ethno-state of their people? If history is any indicator neither one of these things will happen because of their incredible ability to hold two contradictory views simultaneously. But to them I say please feel free to try converting large hordes of angry zealous muslims to neoliberal zionism. It might not be easy to accomplish as it was with the cucky Evangelical Christians.

Is PewdiePie A Nazi?

The media is once again embroiled in a massive hatefest with PewdiePie, the most-subscribed to channel on YouTube. Vox dot com first published a headline calling PiediePie a white supremacist but they have since updated that story to read ‘YouTube’s most popular user amplified anti-Semitic rhetoric. Again.” What is Felix Kjellberg’s crime? He recommended a channel called E;R because of his review on the anime Deathnote. If you actually watch E;R’s review, his main criticisms have to due with the casting of characters. Not only do the races look completely out of place with the Japanese setting of the original manga, but the story’s protagonists have strikingly lackluster personalities compared to the savants of the first series. For instance, the super-detective known simply as L is in the Netflix version a black guy wearing an antifa mask but when he tries to imitate the same ticks as the original L it just makes him look like a spergy African American. Vox could’ve accused PewdiePie for liking a video which criticized the racial casting decisions of a movie, however they probably realized that would only garner sympathy among many Americans who feel the same way about movies coming out of Hollywood.

Instead, surprise surprise, they go for one epithet that is somehow still drawing sympathy and still enticing white people to apologize. Yep, they called him a nazi, and by association the call pewds a nazi. By the way Vox, you need to learn how to archive links so that people actually can’t just edit their FAQ page or the description of their video. Rather than read through Vox’s piece, I’ll let Hasan Piker of The Young Turks spell out just what is so naughty about this mysterious YouTuber.

#1 – He wrote an offensive word in the description of his first video in the Deathnote series. What I get out of that is that this guy has a sense of humor. It’s definitely more crass than I personally subscribe to. I intentionally try to keep swear words to a minimum and I don’t use racial slurs — it’s not my style. However, I respect people’s right to say these things and I think it’s a travesty of free speech that youtube will censor you for some offensive words like the N word but if you’re an anti-white leftist professor like Nancy Isenberg you can go on PBS to pimp a book called ‘White Trash’. I’ll let you ponder the backlash if this woman was a white male talking about the historical origins of the N word or the K word instead of White Trash.

#2 – He made fun of Heather Heyer’s death by claiming she died in a heart attack just like Light’s victims in Deathnote. Okay, for those who don’t know it was Heather Heyer’s mom who initially said publicly that her daughter died of a heart attack during the infamous car crash at Charlottesville last August. I assume she retracted that statement when it become inconvenient for the media narrative. E;R is obviously making the reference because of how well it demonstrates the rules of the Deathnote universe. It’s funny because Charlottesville is yet another one of those official narratives that you aren’t allowed to question even when there is plenty of evidence to support alternate hypotheses. The fact that you even know about alternate theories of what happened there makes you a “nazi” by default. Oh and, didn’t you know nazis are bad? You’re supposed to hate nazis; that’s pretty much the definition of being a good American to these people.

#3 E;R modified an SJW cartoon called Steven Universe with what Piker calls Nazi imagery. Because this is such a touchy subject and things can get taken out of context I will substitute the word bluejay for jew. Here Hasan won’t fully explain what “Name the Bluejay” means because to do so would be to expose too much of the truth. So it looks like it’s up to me to finish what he started. “Naming the Bluejay” simply means informing people as to the names of the heads of the majority of media companies or social media companies who are pushing a globalist and often anti-white agenda and then looking at whether those people have a conflict of interest as to their national and ethnic loyalties. Now if you want to defend the hateful propaganda that these media companies put out or the censorship policies of the social media companies that’s fine, Hasan—you can do that. But a lot of people are NOT happy with these companies nor or they happy with what goes on behind the scenes politically.

Clearly I don’t think it’s acceptable to blame all Bluejays for the wrong-doing of a cabal of elite wealthy Bluejays but are you saying it’s not okay to place blame on these particular wealthy Bluejays (one of the most notorious Bluejays is of course George Soros)? Are you saying it’s unacceptable to draw attention to the fact that these individuals, who advocate for and even fund policies like mass immigration which are detrimental to our nations and our way of life, are overwhelmingly of Bluejay heritage and (this next part is important because I don’t see enough of the alt-right characters doing it) to also demand that the Bluejay community police their own deviants whenever they step out of line? Would you rather people simply have no idea about the identity of those people who exert so much control over the culture and politics of the West? How are we the voters to make informed decisions if we don’t have the facts? You talk a lot about responsibility and how it’s irresponsible for pewdiepie to guide his followers to this guy’s channel. Is it not equally irresponsible to inform people about the identity of a group of people, whatever ethnicity they may or may not belong to, who are in general and overall causing a lot of problems in western societies? This big question that you liberal types can’t answer is this: If these are all just conspiracy theories and scapegoating, why is the Bluejay so afraid to be named? Why do the Bluejay people want you to believe they are white if most of them aren’t doing anything wrong, don’t have a massive amount of power, and have nothing to hide? Just something to ponder.

Let’s back up and take a bigger picture look. Why should I even care about being called a nazi when the people who use the nazi slur never apply the label consistently anyway? It is not common knowledge that nazi, which comes from the Bavarian word for ’simpleton’ was coined by Konrad Heiden, a German-Jewish American journalist writing in the 1930s. For simpleton hicks, the so-called nazis seem to have a lot of facts on their side and I suspect you are just calling them a nazi to deter people from looking into the kinds of facts they’re talking about. We all need to calm down. Accepting certain realities about racial differences does not mean you are one step away from genociding an entire group of people. We — and I mean both the far-right and the liberal media — have to be more adult about this issue. But that maturation is going to have to come from the left first. Why? Because they have the institutional and cultural power at the moment. Where’s the proof? Hasan is able to joke about and celebrate this guy’s videos being taken down. What does that tell you about how comfortable he is to speak his mind absent for of retribution?

Now I don’t believe for a minute that Pewdiepie knew all of this information beforehand and this was a subtle way to red-pill thousands or millions of young people. After the media did their outrage, did an oopsie video and apologized for linking to this guy’s channel and then edited out that recommendation from his prior video. Did that satisfy Vox? Haha, yeah that’s a good one. No, I’m afraid appeasing the neoliberal social elites is like cutting your vein while swimming in shark-infested waters. They smell blood in the water and only intensify their attacks.

Here is a tweet from The Violent Pacifist claiming that PewdiePie promoting Ben Shapiro is proof of his guilt. Wow bro, you really got PewdiePie bad. He retweeted Ben Shapiro. Nazi conspiracy confirmed. You’re an even better detective than that Black L in DeathFlix.

Vox goes on to tell us how young Pewd’s 77 million strong army is, with a majority being under 24 years old. This is obviously not good for websites like Vox because these youngsters will soon be coming of age and they will be very angry with what the society their elders have bequeathed them. “Regardless of PewDiePie’s intent, any anti-Semitic commentary — no matter how “joking” — could have a dangerous effect… what happens if these young, aggressively loyal, highly mobilized PewDiePie fans begin consuming extremist strains of YouTube content because they were exposed to it, either directly or indirectly, through his channel?” Dangerous for whom, exactly? The elites in power who are destroying our civilization? Believe me Vox knows about the power of jokes and comedy to tear apart institutional narratives — which is exactly what certain leftist activists have done to attack Christian morality in our society.

Was Sarah Silverman only joking in this clip about Killing Jesus? How many other Jews who listen to her are influenced by her openly violent rhetoric? How far of a jump do you have to make from hypothetically killing jesus 2000 years ago to killing Christians here and now? These are all questions one could reasonably ask and ask with more credibility than Vox going after PewdiePie.

Some have speculated whether PewdiePie will get fed up with YouTube and go somewhere else, taking millions of his fans with him. I doubt this will happen. YouTube minus the censorship and tit-for-tat copyright rules is a pretty solid product. Plus, PewdiePie has the ability to keep YouTube in check just by making videos that are critical of their behavior as he did in the last Pew News. I stand with you Pewds. Whether you want to be or not, you are a symbol of implicit whiteness not so different than the 2016 Donald Trump. And that’s why so many people love you.
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IP122 – Right-Wing Environmentalism | Richard Houck

Let’s talk about environmentalism.

95% of trash in the oceans comes from just 10 rivers, all of which are located in Africa and Asia.


Wait, isn’t that a movement for money-grabbing communist ideologues like Al Gore to peddle global warming pseudo-science garbage? Well, yes; but don’t be so quick to judge. It turns out a lot of the early founders of the environmental movement were right-wing nationalists. These folks knew instinctively that if you truly care about the environment, the last thing you’d want to do is replace the founding stock in the West with hordes of people from sh*thole countries. Richard Houck has written about this in his book Liberalism Unmasked. Next time someone tries to berate you for being an evil white man who is destroying the planet, tell them that ‘People of Color’ are actually the biggest polluters on the planet by far.

Liberalism Unmasked by Richard Houck

Interregnum interview with Richard Houck

My First Summer In The Sierra by John Muir

Click on picture for link to product page


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Fake News Friday – December 7, 2018

Have you ever wanted to know just how fake and gay the fake news media is but you don’t have time to consume hours of tv and online articles every week? If so this new segment might be for you. At Fake News Friday we give you only the prime cuts of fake news, and what’s more we give you the permission to laugh at and mock the absolute state of clown world 2018.

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 4 – Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul did something remarkable in 2008 and 2012 — he lost his campaign for presidency but changed politics as we know it and laid the groundwork for Donald Trump four years later. In this episode I’ll attempt to address how we should view the so-called libertarian to alt-right pipeline, and I’ll show how Dr. Paul stacks up on the nationalist’s report card.

Audio/video clips:

Liberty Report | ‘Foreign Invasion?’ – Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the Honduras caravan approaching US southern border:

Paul and Romney questioned about war powers at 2012 presidential debate:

Paul speaking before former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke:


Relevant sources:

Paul, End The Fed, Grand Central Publishing, 2009, p.6-7

Paul on ongoing censorship:

Paul on the coming financial crash:

Ron Paul Curriculum



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IP121 – Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder | Dr. Michelle Cretella & Blaire White

Anyone with an iota of common sense knows that sex is biological, there are two genders, and transgenderism is a mental illness. Most people are just waiting for permission to admit this. Well, HERE IS YOUR PERMISSION. I’ve mashed together clips of a doctor and a transgendered person who both speak about the dangers of playing God and denying reality — especially when it comes to promoting transgender kids.  Continue reading IP121 – Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder | Dr. Michelle Cretella & Blaire White

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 3 – Tommy Robinson

In this third episode of Nationalist Scorecard we’re taking on Tommy Robinson, whose real name is supposedly Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon. Tommy is an open zionist so we obviously want to be critical, however it’s also important to understand why Tommy is such a polarizing figure in the UK–beloved by the common folk and hated by the corrupt ruling class. Throwing him in jail where he will likely be murdered by some Muslim with an ax to grind is a mistake that the elite will surely come to regret. It’s telling that they felt so threatened by his message that they had no choice but to shut him up for good.

“Oi, mate — you got a loicense for that journalism?”


5:50 – Opposes Open Borders
19:15 – Opposes Cultural Marxism
38:24 – Supports Free Speech
49:26 – Condemned By Elite
58:20 – Pro-White / Pro-Western
1:02:28 – Names You-Know-Who
1:07:00 – Overall Grade


Relevant Articles


Relevant Videos

Piers Morgan Interview –
RT Interview –
Brittany Pettibone Interview –
Dave Rubin Interview –
Justice For Nikki –
Tommy Robinson Oxford Speech –


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Excommunicated For Being Pro-White | James Edwards and Matthew Drake

Below is an interview I had with James Edwards, a pro-white, pro-Christian, pro-Southern radio talk show host of fourteen years. I asked James to come on and talk about the recent attempt by the Southern Baptist Convention — at the behest of the (((SPLC))) — to throw him and his entire local church out of the SBC simply because he dares to speak up for white people. Whether or not you’re religious or Christian, this is a good demonstration of the length our enemies will go to destroy us. Literally nothing is sacred to the children of Satan and the fake Christian-Zionists who are always at their beck and call.

Update: I’ll be appearing on James’ radio program The Political Cesspool on an upcoming broadcast. Find all the links to listen at

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 2 – Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a danger to humanity because he knows exactly the right “pace” to lull gullible whites back to sleep while simultaneously replacing them and destroying their culture. That’s why we see this new class of secular Jews and Jewish-collaborators–coined the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ by the New York Times–rising up to challenge the social justice, victimhood-coalition left that moved from radical fringe to mainstream culture in the short span of Obama’s Presidency.

Whether it’s pushing back against radical jihadist Islamists or advocating for free speech, the actions of Sam and his fellow “classically liberal” skeptics can be summed up in two sweet words: controlled opposition. Trust me, these goons all want the same thing as the Progressive elite, they just want to steer a slightly different path to get there. Sam is smart enough to not talk about race in a way that alienates average middle-class white people. Heck, he’s even willing to speak with Charles Murray who wrote The Bell Curve, as long as his audience understands Murray’s finding should have no impact on public policy or public consciousness in any way. He likes to keep white people busy worrying about automation or determinism or drug-induced spirituality without mentioning the existential crisis facing Westerners at present due to mass immigration and multiculturalism.

People like Sam are the ones to look out for and set your targets (rhetorically) on. I hope the radical left continues to grow and push more whites to our camp, but if I’m right this Democratic base will implode and the skeptics (New Jews, Same As The Old Jews) will assume control over the Democratic Party, just as the alt-right morphs and hopefully gains control over the GOP in time to stop them.

Get ready, this is the Nationalist Scorecard for Sam Harris.


9:21 Open Borders
24:05 Cultural Marxism
35:48 Free Speech
45:55 Condemned By Elite
53:28 Pro-White / Pro-Western
59:08 You-Know-Who
1:03:34 Overall Grade


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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 1 – Stefan Molyneux

I’m starting a new series called Nationalist Scorecard, in which I review popular intellectual figures in the public space. The idea was inspired by AIPAC–if you’re not already familiar, this Jewish lobbying group holds American politicians’ feet to the fire by grading them on their obsequience to the State of Israel. I talk more about my objectives in the intro video to the series found here.

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